The Melderyn Campaign
The Beginning, 1 Nuzyael 720 TR
Golotha was eerily quiet that last evening of 719 save for the wind blowing easterly from the sea. A city of terror, especially at night, it was now emerging from the throes of winter, and the weather was unseasonably warm. The expected thieves and cutpurses, the feared Agrikan warriors who patrolled the city, the denizens daring the night for the inns, taverns, gambling halls, and of course the brothels, all seemed to be absent this night. The city was quiet, and if anyone was paying attention, they would have noticed the gates north and south standing wide open when they should have been shut tight. That same person would have noticed as shortly before midnight, long files of soldiers marched into the city, taking possession of key points in squares, bridges, and gates without opposition. Maybe someone did notice, and maybe they even thought someone should be informed, but there was no one about to inform, and no one in Golotha would be willing to go and find the Agrikans or go to the castle where the King of Rethem brooded.

King Chafin III hated his capital, the fell city of Golotha, though his Queen, Erila, seemed to thrive on it. He avoided it whenever possible, but he had spent much of 719 there nevertheless. His son and heir, Puril, had been born earlier that year, and he labored to convince his Queen that she and the baby had endured enough of the city and should travel north with him to his stronghold at Shostim when he departed on the morrow. So far, she had proven steadfast in the face of his entreaties.

There was one person who went to the castle, although not a single person saw him. Not the Agrikans, not the Queen’s Guard, and not the King’s Guard. As King Chafin pleaded with Queen Erila in her bedchamber to accompany him come the morning, a solitary figure made his way along the passages and stairways of the castle. The guards outside the Queen’s chamber saw nothing as the figure passed by them, opened the doors with a thought and entered. The King of Rethem remained unaware of the presence of his assassin.

It was Queen Erila who first perceived the intruder and screamed. King Chafin moved towards him, saying, “What is this?” in an indignant tone of voice. Calmly, without fuss, as if he had waited for years to speak these words, Arren of Melderyn replied, “Your death, Chafin of Rethem.” He then raised his hand and reached out with the power of his mind. Chafin clutched at his chest as he felt the icy grip of a hand close about his heart, squeezing, tightening, stilling it. Chafin cried out in surprise and alarm as his world went black, his Queen’s screams the last thing he heard. Ruthlessly, the High Deryni Prince turned to her, and then she was silent. Lastly he approached the cradle where the infant prince lay. Now Arren of Melderyn was King of Rethem ...
The Cast of Players
It may be of some interest - perhaps even to those who accidentally stumble onto this site - to note the current cast of characters in the game:

Ewen Ravinargh, Baron of Ternua A talented harper and swordsman, though often seems more the latter than the former. Having taken Kaldoric society by the tail, can he ride the tiger? He is full of secrets ...

Sir Baris Tyrestal A puissant young knight looking for the opportunity to gain notice and preferment by a crown. He has an alternate personality - Karl, who gives the knight hidden depth. Where will his ambition take him?

Cekiya A slip of a girl with lighting reflexes - mad as a hatter or so she seems ...

Goreg Ocazer A squire recently entered into Lord Ewen's service. Perhaps he shouldn't ask about the previous squires ...

Arva of Kerryn Having looked up her old singing partner Ewen, she is amazed at the turn his fortunes have taken. Maybe she should have stuck around ...

The Melderyn Campaign is an ongoing gaming experience now in its 34th year. It is based on the RPG environment known as Harn which was created by N. Robin Crossby.

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When & Where
The party is presently in Tashal, the Gray Lady of the Kald.

Current date: 5 Nuzyael 733 TR

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